Chapter Officers

2023 Executive Board

President - Paxson Picken
Internal Vice President - Carson Hill
External Vice President - Alex Karl
Director of Finance - Ryan Gadek
Director of Recruitment - Jacob Rapp
House Manager - Jacob Baker
Director of Standards - Nick Reynolds
Director of New Member Education - Will North
Director of Risk Education - Rohan Rokkam
Director of Member Development - Mitchell Lee
Director of Communication - Pattarapong Santiworarak

2022 Executive Board

President - Sameer Bhagi 
Internal Vice President - William North 
External Vice President - Sampson Aslesen 
Director of Finance - Rahil Patel 
House Manager - Zachary Kapalczynksi 
Director of Recruitment - Dakota Heimerl 
Director of Standards - Samuel Plunkett 
Director of New Member Education - Joseph Carson 
Director of Risk Education - Theo Mahaffey 
Director of Member Development - Whitton Gardiner 
Director of Communucation - Carson Hill