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Our chapter, Beta Eta, was founded in 1883, and the house was built in 1921. The Beta Eta chapter of Delta Tau Delta is a place for leaders to hone their skills, youths to grow, students to find support and guidance, and men to find their paths to a life of excellence. With more than 138 years of guiding men at the University of Minnesota via our core values: Truth, Courage, Faith, and Power. The Delt experience has fostered innovators, advocates, change agents, and community leaders by affecting the world through self-discovery.

The Beta Eta chapter helps guide its members towards lives of excellence in their post-collegiate careers. From the beginning of their time at Delt, new members are connected to resources, such as older members in similar majors, to make sure that they are in good standing academically. Our membership is currently 71 delta.

Delta Tau Delta has moved back.

After the unpredicted gas leak explosion back in the fall of 2022, the real Delt house has been under renovation. However, as of spring 2023, we are excited to announce that the Minnesota chapter of Delta Tau Delta will now be relocated back to our real house at 1717 University Ave. With our newly remodeled house, we are thrilled to be back and up again, so come check out the newly renovated delt.

Community Events

Thanksgiving Food Drive

Thanksgiving Food Drive

In November of 2021 a big group of Delts took the opportunity to package and ship over 500 meals to help families in need during the Holiday season.

Feed my Starving Children

Feed my Starving Children

Back in April, the men of the Beta Eta chapter teamed up with Chi Omega to spend some time at Feed My Starving Children. In the hour spent there, over 20,000 meals were packed in a collaborative effort.

Hot Chocolate 5k

Hot Chocolate 5k

This past April, a big group of Delts kicked the sheets early to go help out with the annual Hot Chocolate 5k in Southwest Minneapolis. Around 20 guys spent their Saturday morning setting up for the race and handing out waters, medals, and other supplies to those just crossing the finish line.

Delts in the Community

Delta Tau Delta is committed to actively supporting charities and volunteering to help those in need. Throughout the year, the fraternity is always looking for ways to involve themselves in the community. Here are some ways they have serviced the community recently.

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